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Go to hell bastard.

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Just when I was on the verge of giving up with the system, after being thrown from person to person, I think I’ve finally been given an opportunity that might actually help me. I’m feeling quite positive about this. 

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  • After Me, The Flood - Still Searching (2012)
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I want to add an honorable mention to Timesplitters 2 and Future Perfect in reply to my favourite game.

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Free me from my tortured mind

And I’ll learn to let you go

I’m tired of digging deeper 

into this hole

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/watch?v=cyf8pS0V-gc You might like this? (add that to the end of youtube's url)

Major League! I love these guys, I definitely overplayed that ep when I first heard it a few years ago. I’m actually seeing them in a few weeks!


Four Year Strong Promos shot in ATL. 2014. 

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Well, that’s the end of my asks, thank you so much for all these messages. They’ve done me the world of good distracting me for the past hour, and were also really fun to answer. Sorry for spamming your dashboards. 

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favourite picture go

Favorite picture. One of the most iconic pictures to me on here would be the media vs reality portrayal - In which there is one person chasing another with a knife, but the way the media have captured the image it looks as if the attacker is the victim, by the way you only see a selective view of the real story. I think it says a lot.

Okay if it's what you want, i'll try not to. It's actually a really good idea to write all your thoughts down! I would dedicate my life to help you but i'm too far away from you to be fully able to help you. It was your 'internet friend' btw haha.

I already feel bad enough for the both of us, or anyone who ready my posts! I’ve found it helps, specially if I can get them out into the open, I’m not sure how it helps more but that’s why they end up on here. That’s really kind of you, my new tumblr friend, if you were closer that would be lovely, but I don’t think I could have you doing that. You should come off anon and chat!

if you could have any super power what would it be??

Super power, that’s hard.. maybe teleportation which is pretty self explanatory, everyone wouldn’t seem so far away then, and I could visit anywhere I wanted. Or some sort of eagle vision so I could see the beauty of the world from a different perspective? 


I’m losing sleep
I’m losing friends
I’ve got a love hate love
With the city I’m in
I’ll count the hours
Having just one wish
If I’m doing fine
There’s no point to this.

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