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" I’ve spent too many nights questioning the meaning of my life and making sense of all the little things that open up your eyes."

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Fade into the night and fucking forget me forever.

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Heart In Hand - A Beautiful Mind (Official Video)

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#TDON #TDON10thAnniversary #BrokenTeeth #PublicDomain #Grader #Vox #Leeds #UKHC

This was a good day

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My band’s been recording a bunch of demos. This is our last EP, if you haven’t checked it out yet it’s free to download.

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It’s official. We have recording time booked with Jay Maas (Counterparts, Defeater, State Champs, etc) in early December to record new music. Expect to hear it early next year!

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I love this album.

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Bad Luck are great. Thought of you as I listened to them.

It seems you know me well! You’re great, whoever you are.


I love this song!

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  • Climates - Leaves Of Legacy
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This album is flawless

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HRBRS / Hourglass, by Hourglass


download our split with Hrbrs from late last years for as little or as much as you want

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opinions on the new climates and pbtt LP?

Body Clocks didn’t disappoint, I really enjoyed it! I was a bit pessimistic after they released Serpents From The Shadowland as it didn’t sound like the Climates I love, but after hearing it with the rest of the album It didn’t sound so out of place. It’s genuinely a good album, though don’t hate me when I say.. It’s no What Means The Most. I still can’t complain, it’s one of my favourite releases of the year.

As for Piano’s Become The Teeth… I can’t say I’m a fan of the band, so I’ve not heard their new LP, I will give it a listen later tonight as I had no idea they put out an album, maybe I’ll like them this time around. 

Thanks for the question!

You should check out this band Bad Luck. I think you'd like them.

Whoever you are, thank you. These guys are actually awesome!


So it’s Sunday and bro won’t talk to me. So here is Carridale and the Attack of the Brobots. #poppunk #at #its #best #carridale #as #carrots #nahh #poppunk #discoverbands #Discoverpoppunk

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