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State Champs - Simple Existence

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Expire // Abyss

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Neck Deep: April 5, 2014 at Hard Luck Bar in Toronto

Photo: Emily Tantuccio Photography

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no one can save me from 
my demons they’re all around me, and they don’t come from hell
every single one of them reminds me of myself. 

the strongest are seared with scars
through their suffering, 
they find out who they are

some may say i’ve lost my faith,
i just got up off my knees
stopped staring into the sky 
and started looking inside of me.

i am not governed by anything but my consciousness.
bring forth from within, i am the only one who can save me from

my demons, they’re all around me, they don’t come from hell
every single one of them reminds me of myself. 

we think about thinking
and feel about feeling
plaguing ourselves with perpetual anxiety

we live our lives acting
instead of just being.
egos rule our masked society

think about thinking
feel about feeling
live our lives acting 
instead of just being

sovereign and independent
we’ve lost our innocence 

so we waste our lives, 
waiting for someone to save us from

our demons they are all around us, and they don’t come from hell
every single one of them reminds us of ourselves. 

we can’t set ourselves free, by fighting them away
we turn inward, and our perception will change. 

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It gets so frustrating when people build walls, 
can we tear them down? 
We can tear them down. 

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Set Your Goals - Mutiny 12 inch vinyl

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MORE THAN LIFE » Do You Remember

I’m sorry for the mess I’ve made,
Soon enough you won’t even remember my face.

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I’ve done numerous designs over the last few years for this band and it’s a bummer to see them go. I’ll be providing artwork one last time for their final 7”. Check out their upcoming dates with Rude Awakening and Modern Pain and send them off right.

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Counterparts at The Forge in Birmingham,AL #2  @ adamchasefields for other live band photos.  

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What just happened to spotify?!

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Please Head North - Transit

Voices scream inside of me.
Well, “Maybe I’m just cursed.”
Just like they say, maybe I’m just cursed.
I’m always hoping for the best
Maybe I’m just cursed.
I’m always hoping for the best,
Preparing for the worst

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Stick Together - X Treatment 

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